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Dataproducts DP8524 MK3 Desktop
Dot Matrix Printer

Reliability, Speed & Versatility

24 pin-Excellent Print Quality
Up to 1000 Characters per second
Prints up to 9 Part forms
Resident Bar Codes

Designed to meet the demands of today's electronic office, we are proud to offer our new range of Dot Matrix Printers.

The Dataproducts 8524 MK3 Dot Matrix Printer offers 24 pin printhead for crisp quality printouts and with blazing performance speeds of up to 1000 characters per second to fly through your longest jobs.

Excellent form handling with 16" width capability and multi-layer forms of up to 9 parts are just some of the features.

With a wide range of fonts and industry standard barcodes already resident in the printer, DP8524 MK3 is the ultimate printer for your printing applications.

Built upon our reputation of our high performance printers, in terms of reliability, speed and versatility, the DP8524 MK3 is the best solution for the most demanding of heavy-duty print jobs.


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