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Brighton's Field Engineering service is recognized as one of most professional maintenance service teams in both Hong Kong and South China.  Our well trained engineers are more than adequately equipped to provide expertise in preventive and remedial maintenance service to our customer.

It is Brighton's objective to be the leading supplier of printing solution in our region.  The successful supplies will be those who can maintain the loyalty of the customer through superior and complete servicing of their needs. Brighton is totally committed to this end.

Our products and services are, and will be based upon three criteria, meeting customer requirements, providing full-service solutions, and targeting future opportunities.


Service Area

  1. Pre-sale support, installation and after-sale support.
  2. On-site maintenance service, standby service and relocation.
  3. On-site service for other party products.
  4. Workshop repairing.

Products Range

Printronix - P5 / P5H / P7 / P7H Line Matrix Printer
- P8 / P8H Line Matrix Printer
- T5XXX Thermal Printer
Dataproducts - LM series Impact Line Matrix Printer
- DP8XXX Desktop Matrix Printer
Brighton - BN9000 Desktop Matrix printer
- 22XX Desktop Matrix printer
- 23XX Desktop Matrix printer

 If you wish to have a first class service and enjoy the free acceptance test for your current printer equipment, please just call our service department at (852) 2571 7231

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