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ODV analyzes every bar code printed with the Printronix Thermal Printer to assure that it meets the most stringent scanning standards. It analyzes each bar code immediately after the label is printed without reducing throughput. This 100 percent inspection includes both linear and PDF417 bar codes and validates that the bar code image falls well within each bar code's symbology specifications, resulting in a scannable bar code. ODV stops bad bar codes from getting into the production or distribution system, which could lead to a shut down of operations. Even more, ODV system efficiency increases by eliminating the need for costly human intervention in the validation process.

  • ODV, with its Read-After-Print method, ensures that your labels meet compliance standards.
  • Handheld verifiers are no longer necessary
  • Bad bar code labels are overstruck, ensuring they will not be used.

Printronix ODV provides complete control of your management-controlled bar code application, and gives you the first truly quality-controlled data in thermal printing.

ODV Data Manager

Since barcodes have such an impact on supply chain efficiency, Printronix has developed a closed-loop quality control system that monitors the bar coding process.

ODV Data Manager is the Printronix solution for fully automated bar code quality control:

  • Capture and display all bar code quality data, by label and by bar code, an invaluable tool for applying maintenance remedies.
  • Capture and display detailed validation information, to get to the heart of any problem instantly and minimize downtime.
  • Capture and display the actual data within each bar code, to provide further assurance that critical data, such as serialized bar codes, actually prints correctly.
  • Allow for all data to be viewed online, stored in a file, or exported to a data base in real time, to provide a true ISO9000 or QC archive.
  • Save "snap shots" of the data in CSV or XML format, to quickly isolate problem labels.
  • Use Printronix ODV Data Manager with multiple concurrent ODV connections, to assure maximum QC in high-volume environments.
  • Place printers into fault conditions for either bar code scanning and data accuracy failures, to ensure that bad data never will enter your system.

Printronix ODV Data Manager is the best insurance against the high costs associated with barcode scanning and data accuracy failures.

Bar Codes Supported

  • PDF417
  • Code 39
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Code 93
  • Code 128
  • UPC/EAN plus add-ons

Label Requirements

  • Quiet Zone - Minimum: 10 times x-dimension
  • Bar Codes per Line - Up to 4 codes on the same horizontal line
  • Bar Codes per Form - Up to 99 codes per form
  • Bar Code Orientation - Picket fence only
  • Horizontal Spacing - Minimum of 0.5" between codes on the same horizontal line
  • Bar Code Height - Minimum bar code height is 0.13"
  • TOF to TOF Minimum Distance - 0.5"

Print Run Report

  • Number of Forms Printed
  • Number of Codes Printed
  • Number of Bad Forms
  • Average Bar Width Deviation
  • Bar Width Deviation of Last Bar Code

Validation Error Actions

  • Overstrike / Reprint (default)
  • Overstrike
  • Stop

Validation Error Notification Modes

  • Printer Display
  • Printer Status Light
  • Printer Audible Alarm
  • Remote Notification

Telemetry Report

  Port - Network

  Data Contents (Selectable):

      Short - Pass/Fail quality results (6 ips max)

      Validation - Pass/Fail quality results + actual decoded data (6 ips max)

      Full - Validation + all measured parameters (3 ips max)


  • Complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules
  • Class 2 Laser Product
  • Conforms to DHHS Regulation 21 CFR Subchapter
  • CE Mark an UL Appoval


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